TESCO – aflevering, noter

Video 1

  • TESCO shares fallen by 20% last 12 months
  • £ 5 BLN from market value
  • Changed boss in mar 2011(Philip Clare)
  • Reconnect with customers
  • Change its corporate culture
  • 20.000 extra staff
  • Softer colours in stores
  • Fresh and Easy has failed
  • But has just raised $ 600 MLN, from a floration of property fund in Thailand
  • 1/7 pound spend in UK goes to TESCO
  • Major international names among its investors



Video 2

  • Need more staff
  • Often empty staff
  • Sales going down
  • Have made obvious mistakes
    • Didn’t have fresh coffee for people in the morning
    • Havde ikke et stort udvalg af frysevarer(frysepizzaer) i USA, hvor markedet for det ellers er stort(større end i England)
  • Non-food is not going weel(especially because of the e-commerce)
  • Need more fresh food
  • New packages(emballage), they call it “everyday value”, minder om First Price, Ekstra osv. higher quality, better ingredients
  • More focus on existing stores before expansion


  • Warmer look and feel
  • 8000 new employees
  • £ 150 million spent at online shop
  • Overall investing £ 1 Billion to revive sales
  • Huge problems for TESCO
  • Focus on smaller stores, fresh food
  • Fresh and easy, dragging their profit


Video  3

  • Change appearance, new graphic, new signs, new colours and light(soft, should give a warmer feeling)
  • 6 punkter:
    • Better service
    • Better stores
    • Value for money
    • Clicks and bricks(nettet og butikker), more focus on e-commerce
    • Better quality
    • Improvement to the brand and marketing
  • Improve brand
  • Focus on the new generation(forbrugerne handler på en anen måde i dag, fx har alle en iphone/smartphone, så det kunne være en idé, at lave noget hvor man kan bestille over den)
  • Everyday value(their own product)
  • Reinvest their plan in US, make it strong
  • TESCO is changing
  • The internet is changing the way people live and shop, investments in the internet
  • Higher quality products, better design/packages
  • Brighter and warmer


Video 4

  • Listen to the customers
  • Arranging stores according to customer profiles
  • The staff will know how the customers behave
  • Personalize the experience in TESCO
  • The “team” in TESCO have got new ideas, from their jobs all over the world
  • They are at a turning point for the company
  • Losses have come down/been reduced for fresh and easy
  • They believe in fresh and easy
  • Multi channel retailing
  • The leading shopping retailer
  • Going live all around the world at the moment
  • Have got a TESCO app
  • Click and collect, order today, and collect it in any store tomorrow


Video 5

  • You come back from your holiday, and you havent got any food in your fridge, here is the solution
  • Virtual shopping
  • Order the products in airports before your flight, the products will then be delivered to your home, so that they are then when you come home
  • You order by scanning a barcode for the product you want, with your smartphone
  • They are testing it out, at two weeks trail period
  • More than 90% of the people that have smartphone, are using them on the go
  • And 9 out of 10 have a smartphone
  • The smartphone will/is transform the way people live and shop



  • Focus is put on how much it spends, instead of how much it earns
  • The staff wasnt dedicated enough
  • Were only ranked 9 out of 101 based on customer service
  • The stores were to industrial
  • Tesco’s performance has improved with sales up 3,8% the last four weeks

“In trying to be everything to everyone, Tesco increasingly became nothing to a whole lot of