Crime and violence

Crime and violence


  • A man pics up a girl on a rest stop, at a highway, the girl has run away from home
  • He wants to do something criminal
  • Him(girl)
  • Payton(man)
  • Crime + murder(we think he will kill her)
  • Cobra tattoo(it needs to be fed)
  • Payton goes to the priest to get forgiveness
  • The music play an important part

Tell Me

  • A female crime scene investigator(named Grace) has to solve a murder on a young girl
  • She then “talks” to the girl
  • The girl was a prostitute
  • Her boyfriend were her pimp
  • Evidences on her body
  • Crime scene
  • Bad childhood/neglect
  • A young girl
  • It’s not before the last few lines in the story, that we find out that the girl is dead

Good Girl

  • A Catholic girl gets attacked by other Catholic girls(a gang), because she seing a Protestant boy(Ian)
  • Gemma and Chrissy
  • Catholics and protestants
  • The conflict in Northern Ireland
  • Most of the story takes place in a boat house
  • Cut her hair
  • Burned her with cigarettes
  • Cut her clothes

For ung til livstid – Documentary

  • A documentary about young people in prison
  • Children who has killed their parents
  • Child abuse
  • Some of the boys in prison were under 15(under kriminelle lavalder), but they were still in adult prison
  • Had easy access to weapons
  • Convicted for crime committed as a kid
  • Lifetime


  • Andy does a Columbine(school shooting)
  • Bullied at school
  • His parents weren’t there
  • Bad childhood
  • Bad environment at the school, a lot of cliques
  • 2 killed and 13 wounded